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For two decades, Daniel Hopsicker reported on complex, clandestine relationships between government and organized crime from the swamps of Florida's Gulf Coast. Now that the operator of an ongoing criminal enterprise centered at Mar-a-Lago is President of the United States, the whole story is considerably simpler. Not everyone is happy about it. From an early Twitter review of Daniel Hopsicker's ongoing investigation into "the secret heartbeat of America": 

The same deep state relentlessly attacking him? “Donald trump did a real estate deal” damn Daniel you used to be on point with your research. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel.

This collection previews the forthcoming conclusion to three decades of investigation into American organized crime from our man in Venice, Florida, Daniel Hopsicker. What began as an investigation of two unsolved murders in Bill Clinton's Arkansas produced the underground classic Barry and the Boys, which untangled a web of pilots, planes, and front companies that powered the organized crime cartel behind Iran-Contra's prolific arms and drug trafficking.

In the second act, Hopsicker turned his expertise in private aircraft and the offshore shell companies that hide them to the Florida flight school that produced Mohammed Atta, the Egyptian pilot who destroyed the North Tower on 9/11. Where national media sold viewers a final clash of civilizations between Islam and Judeo-Christianity, and conspiracy theorists examined each frame of the Towers' collapse for "glitches in the matrix", Hopsicker reported on the ground from the Gulf Coast airports and bars where Atta drank, chased women, and blended into an outlaw network of heroin traffickers. Hopsicker's report from the swamp, Welcome to Terrorland, shattered the myth of religious fundamentalism and outlined a transnational crime empire stretching into Afghan poppy fields and heroin labs.

Today, organized crime is globalized, internet-enabled, and buried beneath a layer cake of fake companies. Spam kings mix with cocaine soldiers, all of whom launder dirty money through entreprises fronted by controlled frauds such as the "thieves in law" and "thieves in marriage" crime families controlling the White House. These are the organized crime war stories from and for the new millenium.

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